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Wherever You Are Pilot Escort Car LLC

Zephyrhills, FL

Main: 813-479-5311
Mobile: 813-479-5311

We are Dedicated and Committed to meeting your expectations and on top of that; Professionalism, Ethics and Integrity STILL have the #1 place in our company! We (of the Conscientious Tribe) would love to prove that to you! We Lead or Chase ALL oversize loads with the drivers and publics safety in mind and of course, the timely delivery of the Over-Sized load. We travel ALL the lower states ranging from Florida up through the Mid-West to the California coast! And of course, with the ALL legal equipment, signs and lighting. Our pilot vehicles are new and either meet, beat or exceed the vehicle size requirements for all these states, and also carry all of the proper safety equipment. We LOVE what we do and we can't wait to meet YOU! smiley

Chevy Colorado Pick Up image
Chevy Colorado Pick Up

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