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Santa Clara Towing Services

Santa Clara, California

Santa Clara City Towing is your number one source for affordable towing! As the best roadside assistance company in the Santa Clara area, we're proud to serve the Bay Area with the top towing services and rates! Not only do we provide a budget friendly support but we are keen to make sure you experience the most professional service as well.

When we arrive on site, we're pleasant to work with and quick in assessing any situation.  With top rated customer service scores, you won't have to wonder if a grumpy cat at 2 A.M. will show up at your car. So, whether you need your car jumped, you ran out of fuel (we know that orange light was on a long time ago) or your precious car that you hold dear may have tinkered out again (you named her didn't you?!) you will always be our number one priority. 

​We definitely understand the various circumstances you may encounter when sitting around on the side of the road of a highway.  Most of us have been in this pickle kind of situation and the worst part is having to wait! When you call, we make sure to under promise and over deliver! We will never quote you a time and not meet that deadline. We know how anxious and nerve wracking it can be to take care of a vehicle straight away.

Call us right away and we will be sure to be by your side in no time! 


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