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Bad Boys Pilot Car Service

Martin, Tennessee

My name is Chris, I have been a truck driver for 8 years and been around the trucking industry most of my life. I started running escorts May of 2014 and been doing it every since. I enjoy doing this and have knowledge of the industry. My father has been driving a truck most of my life and been around the industry for over 45 years, my grandfather started out driving a milk truck 7 days a week back in the late 40's. All together my family has over 60 years experience around the transportation industry. 

We flag for oversize freight and get drivers where they need to go safely. We make sure that the drivers know everything that is around them from the time we arrive til the time that the job is completed. If you ever need a car or more than one car feel free to call me anytime 24/7 365. I want to thank you ahead of time for your business and look forward to getting you where you need to be as easily and efficiently as possible. 

I do not have an office other than my living room at this time. Eventually, this will change but for the time being this is where I do most of my work unless I am on the road.

This was my second pilot car image
This was my second pilot car

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