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Kenco Bucket Trucks

Houston, Texas

Bucket Truck Escort & Oversized Load Escorts

Kenco provides experienced utility truck operators for oversized load transport projects. As part of our bucket truck escortservice, we offer a team of highly-trained, safety conscious and uniquely qualified personnel to escort your cargo to its destination. We have over 30 years of experience in successfully moving cargo throughout the country safely and efficiently.

Route surveys and planning

Kenco has the experience and knowledge to help plan the most efficient route for over-height and over-dimensional cargo. We survey each route to ensure all aerial obstructions are lift-able and the planned route can accommodate the cargo. We will work with our clients to determine the best route so that the transport of your cargo is smooth and "snag-free."; Kenco handles both long and short-haul bucket truck escorts.

Trouble-free oversized load transports

The goal of our team of highly-trained experts is getting your cargo safely to its destination. We are qualified to:

...and then reinstall and re-secure them once the oversized cargo has passed.

We work with local authorities to minimize the disruptions to the communities affected by the transport and can coordinate traffic management or intersection blocking as needed. We are also experienced and well equipped for night transports.

Safe transport of your oversized cargo

Kenco’s bucket truck escort team undergoes rigorous safety training which is above industry standards. They are trained on the equipment they use and on the different wires, cables, lights and other equipment they will work with during transport. Our teams are qualified to remove and reinstall traffic lights and all communication wiring; this additional service saves you time and the cost of hiring other contractors to do the work. We are a one stop shop for the transportation industry. Our fleet of bucket trucks is exceptionally maintained and they are well-stocked with all the equipment and tools needed to complete our assignments.

Fast, reliable service

Kenco's large fleet of bucket trucks is available 24/7 and is able to assist in escorting cargo throughout the country. We will send our high load escort trucks to meet your cargo at its point of origin and accompany it to its final destination, whether it is a short local haul or a long haul across several states. Our 30 years of experience and knowledge of routes throughout the country enable us to help plan routes quickly and allow you to transport your cargo efficiently and safely.

Bucket Truck Escort Pricing

Due to Kenco’s turnkey expertise in high-load transport, we are able to offer competitive pricing and high value to our customers. Our highly trained crews are qualified to perform jobs that are often contracted out to third parties, minimizing cost and time. Our pre-trip route survey inspections save transport time and eliminate many problems during the trip. 

Kenco provides aerial assistance to all industries, including the transportation industry, oilfield, wind energy, construction and storage industries. We are members of NUCA and SC&RA, and are a Texas State Approved Contractor.

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