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Glaser Escort, LLC

Hereford, PA

We are a family owned American business currently operating out of eastern Pennsylvania.  We are very interested in being able to provide you with the experienced pilot car operators you are seeking.  Glaser Escorts, LLC has been providing quality pilot car services since 1996.  Glaser Escort provides service all over the country, specializing in the greater Northeast.  We are a full service company staffed with escorts for all manner of oversize loads including Wide Loads, High Loads, Mini Loads & Super Loads!  We also do survey work offering route & height pole surveys.  We take pride in providing escort services in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania & other difficult areas. 

Glaser Escort, LLC was founded by Greg & Cheryl Glaser, affectionately known as Crash & Cowgirl.  Their emphasis has always been to provide a higher degree of professionalism, demanding more from their escorts and providing more to their customers. You can email us at

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