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Houston Pilot Car Directory


Brenham, Tx     (979) 203-9106

We go anywhere!!! 25 Years as a truck driver with no major incidents..Two vehicles for Front and Rear Family business....

U Can Ride 2, LLC Pilot Car Services

Houston , Texas     (281) 985-1355

"We'll Take You There"

Singing Dog Ranch Pilot / Escort Service

Houston, Texas     (281) 239-9447

We are a small company but willing to do big jobs.  We will escort any oversize load to any destination in the U.S. and Canada.

Kenco Bucket Trucks

Houston, Texas     (281) 459-3100

Kenco provides experienced utility truck operators for oversized load transport projects. As part of our bucket truck escort service.

E & E Pilot Car Services

Batson, Texas     (936) 262-8405

All our vechicles carry $ 1,000,000.00 in liability. All necessary safety equipment based on all state requirements.